Timber Products

Rose Wood Origin: Pakistan

Properties / Workability

Hard and heavy but works easily with both hand and machine tools. Ease of workability is universally reported, but blunting effects are reported all over the map with some reports saying low, some saying severe. It is hard and heavy and works and polishes well. Its combination of beauty and tonal qualities make it popular for guitar sides and backs. Unlike ebony this is a true rosewood, with the grain structure and tonal qualities to make it the wood of choice for bagpipe makers. Machines very well, almost like metal, and sands easily to a glass like finish.


Medium to rather coarse and the wood has large pores that are quite irregular in size and position. It has an oily or waxy appearance and is reported to be gritty to the touch. Grain is mostly straight with a fine texture. Slightly oily. No distinct odor or taste.


Esteemed for centuries as one of the finest woods in the world for high-class furniture. Highly figured veneer is prized for high-end architectural paneling. Also used for bedroom suites, billiard tables, billiard-cue butts, boat building (general), bobbins, bowls, boxes and crates, brush backs, building materials, cabinetmaking, cabinetry, cabinets, carving, chairs, chests, decorative plywood, decorative veneer, desks, dining-room furniture, drawer sides, drum sticks, fancy turnery, figured veneer.